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Is the One Piece manga better than the anime?

The One Piece anime makes an excellent adaptation of the manga, though many viewers prefer the manga over the anime. But after all, which will be the best version of One Piece, manga or anime?

In addition to being a classic, One Piece is one of the most recommended series for those who are entering the world of anime. For those who are entering this world, they often start with current ones like Jujutsu Kaisen or Demon Slayer. However, One Piece is one of the most recommended anime and manga by fans because it is still very successful.

Having a preference for anime or manga depends on the personal taste of each one. Some like to watch the anime to experience the characters talking and moving with visual effects. While others prefer to read the manga to follow the author’s original story.

Wich One Piece is better, the anime or the manga?

The choice purely depends on your preference. If you rather watch over read, the anime might be your best option. But, the manga has some good reasons that may sway you.

For example, the One Piece manga manages to do a great job of character development. Because it is an extensive story the manga has a huge cast of characters, and not only are the protagonists well developed, but the supporting roles and even the extras play an important part in the story.

Eventually, everyone has their moment to shine in the manga, althought the anime also develops the characters well. However, some episodes prolong unnecessary scenes just for the animation to have more screen time, wich ain’t necessarily bad, but sometimes you just want to cut to the case and continue with the plot development.

Another reason is world building. One Piece features a vast world with many different lands. In each arc, the series takes place on a different island or country with a big story behind it. Because of its media the manga has enough time to break down many aspects of those worlds that the anime can’t do.

Also, the manga tells the original story written by Eiichiro Oda, the author knows exactly what his readers want and we have a better experience reading One Piece from his point of view.

The most current chapters of One Pice are available for reading online for free on Manga Plus, Shueisha’s official app.

All episodes of the One Piece anime are available on Crunchyroll.

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