Is Garou on the same power level as Saitama in One Punch Man?

Garou has been the only character in One Punch Man’s history who can exchange punches with Saitama. But after all, is he on the same level of power as the bald-caped hero?

Since Garou now has new powers, he underwent another transformation, and this form was called Awakened: Cosmic Fear Mode. 

This certainly caught everyone’s attention. Garou revealed that he finally understood the flow of every type of energy in the universe. He was able to copy Saitama’s move and proceeded to perform Normal Consecutive Punches. This shocked the entire One Punch Man fanbase, and now they want to understand if he is as strong as the protagonist or if he has the potential to be.

Given the plot’s direction, we know that Garou is possibly at her strongest right now. Despite the attacks he threw at Saitama, he was able to fight back and didn’t seem to have been affected by any of it.

Garou and Saitama destroyed a moon amid their combat, yet we found out in chapter 167 that they didn’t. Saitama seems far above Garou’s power, causing both of them to stop fighting as they understand that Saitama could have ended this battle much sooner.

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